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Global Help list for Ledgers

This feature is useful for entering Ledger; Stockitem or other Master Names in Excel or Word. In simple words, you can get list of Ledger Masters directly in Excel or Word by pressing ~ (tilde key without shift).

For more details, refer Global Help List

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UDIMagic v6.0 is now more Faster
In-memory computing, a new technique is now used that makes processing and uploading of records into Tally much faster. UDIMagic v6.0 takes approximately 97% lesser time than the older version UDIMagic v3.0

For more details, refer UDIMagic v6.0

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Could not connect to Tally

1) Error: Could not not connect to Tally  (Even though Tally is running)
2) Error: No Company is Open in Tally    (Even though Tally is running and a Company is Open)


From the Gateway of Tally, use the option “F12 >> Advanced Configuration” to change the Port Number.

Remarks :-
a) The default Port Number is 9000.
b) You can change it to 9001 or 9002 or 9003 or so on.
c) The Tally Software must be restarted for the effect to take place.
d) The new Port Number must appear in the “Gateway of Tally” srceen. Refer the screen snapshot which shows the default Tally Port Number 9000. In your case, it should show the Port Number as 9001 or 9002 or whatever you have set it to.
e) If the Port Number still does not appear in Tally, try changing the Port Number to a different one say (10001 or 10002 or 10003 so on). If still you do not get the Port Number in the Gateway of Tally screen, please contact Tally Solutions, Bangalore or the Vendor from whom you purchased Tally Software.


You must set the same Port Number (which you have set in Tally) in UDIMagic Software.

1) Go to “My Computer >> C drive”
2) Go to the “UDI-Magic” folder. (i.e. c:\udi-magic folder)
3) Locate and Open the file “UDI-MAGIC.INI” (Configuration file) in Notepad.
4) Search (and add if not found) for the section [Tally] and add the ServerPort option. Your “udi-magic.ini” file will look as follows :-


Specify the ServerPort value as required. i.e. if you have set the Port in Tally to 9001, then the same Port Number is to be specified in UDI-Magic.ini file.

5) Save the “udi-magic.ini” file
6) Start UDIMagic software. It should now connect to Tally

If you want to confirm, you can send us the following files by email for verification

a) “Tally.ini”
b) “udi-magic.ini”

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This is to appraise you all that our office will be closed on 25th and 26th March 2012 (i.e. Sunday and Monday).

We apologize for the inconvenience.


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Alternate Units in Price List – Tally

There was a problem while using alternate units in Price List (upto Tally ERP 9 Release 3.2)

We had sent a query on this subject matter to Tally Solutions, Bangalore on 22nd March, 2011, which is given underneath for your reference :-

  • I have created a Price Level named “Cash Price”. Next, I entered the rate for Price Level “Cash Price”  for Item “ABC” for 1-3-2011. This works fine. Next, I entered rate for “Cash Price” for Item “XYZ” which has alternate units. The “XYZ” details are as follows:-
    Base Units : Nos
    Alternate Units : Box (where 1 Box = 10 Nos)

    In the Price Level, I entered the rate for “Cash Price” level for Item “XYZ” as 800/Box. The entry is accepted. However, when we again view it from “Gateway of Tally >> Inventory Info >> Price Level”, the Price level rate is not shown for Item “XYZ”. Next, I exported the data using “Display >> List of Accounts >> StockItems” and found that the Rate is exported correctly in XML format i.e. 800/Box.

    In Brief
    Price Level rates when entered for Alternate Units (say 800/Box – where Box is alternate unit), the same is not displayed in “Gateway of Tally >> Inventory Info >> Price List”


The aforesaid issue has now been resolved in Tally ERP 9 Release 3.3 (as intimated to us by Tally Solutions, Bangalore)

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Online Training Sessions for DX-Fusion

Shweta Softwares now provides live (real time) online training sessions for DX-Fusion to enable users to use its products more effectively and easily.

For more details, please refer http://www.rtslink.com/online-training-sessions/

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Online Training Sessions

Shweta Softwares now provides live (real time) online training sessions to enable users to use its products more effectively and easily.

For more details, please refer http://www.rtslink.com/online-training-sessions/

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Money back guarantee scheme

To make buying experience truely risk-free, Shweta Softwares now offers “Money back guarantee” scheme. Under the MBG scheme, if you are not happy with our product or services for any reason, simply surrender the product license and send us a request to cancel your order and claim full refund. For more information, refer the MBG scheme details

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Tally ERP – Security Issues

Tally ERP Security

If more than one person has to work on the same Company in Tally, then you need to use the security features available in Tally. You can enable the security feature while creating a new Company or using the Company Alteration screen. Next, you can create any number of Users and assign them the user-rights as required. For example, you may disallow “Voucher alteration” or “Back-dated Voucher entry” for a specific user.

Security Issues

How secure is Tally ERP ? Can a user with only data-entry rights make changes or view reports which he/she is not allowed to do so ? Well, here are few lines of TDL code with which it  can be done :-

[#Menu : Gateway of Tally]
Add    : Item : Before : @@locQuit : Reset Security : Call : ResetSecurity

[Function : ResetSecurity]
10 : Modify Object : (Company,##SVCurrentCompany).IsSecurityOn : No
20 : MsgBox:"Tally Security":"The Security feature has been disabled now"

What happens with the above code ?

1) You get a new option in Gateway of Tally

When you start Tally ERP and open your Company, you get a new option in the Gateway of Tally. The new option “Reset Security” appears just above the QUIT option.

2) Using the new option, you can disable the Security features

Assuming, you are logged-in as a User with data-entry rights, you can use this option to disable the security feature itself. As you can see in the TDL code, this is done by setting the field  ISSECURITYON as NO. Thats all.

Next time when you start Tally ERP, open your Company and log-in as data-entry user, you can do anything, as security has been disabled.

In brief, a few lines of TDL code can be used to change the value in Tally database. i.e. to disable the security feature itself.

Update : 2011-09-29

Please see the comments for the response of Tally Solutions, Bangalore relating to the aforesaid subject matter.


If you are new to TDL, please refer this link for How to customize Tally using plain TEXT files ?

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AMC for Tally Custom built solutions

There are lots of Custom built solutions and Add-ons for Tally Software available in the market. Generally, each solution provider has its own terms & conditions relating to the Installation, Support Services, AMC etc.

Tally Solutions, Bangalore had earlier provided some guidelines for Tally Solution providers relating to Custom Built Solutions for Tally.

Tally Solutions, Bangalore has now once again clearly stated its viewpoint on AMC which is made available in Cost Estimator for Tally Customization. The same is reproduced underneath :

Solution AMC cost – 30% of the scoping + development cost per year after 90 days“.


1) It has been suggested by Tally Solutions, Bangalore that the AMC cost should be 30% of the Solution/Software cost.

2) The AMC charges are for one year and are to be paid after the initial 90 days (PS: AMC is optional – if the Customer wants any support services for the Solution after 90 days, then he must go for AMC).

However, Customers often contend that since they have paid for the Solution/software, it is the Vendors responsibility to provide services thereafter and there must be no time limit restriction of 90 days. To avoid such conflicting issues, Vendors must clearly specify the Free Service Period made available with the solution/software and also the AMC terms & conditions.


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