VAT Classifications in Tally

How can I create a new VAT Classification in Tally ERP 9 ?

Though VAT classifications can be viewed using “Gateway of Tally >> Display >> Statutory Info >> VAT Classifications”, Tally ERP does not provide any user-interface or menu-option to create VAT Class.

A work-around is to create VAT Class using “Gateway of Tally >> Import of Data >> Masters” option.

Steps :-

1) Download and unzip the XML tags for creating VAT Class
2) Next, select option “Gateway of Tally >> Import of Data >> Masters”
3) Select the file VAT-CLASS.XML (which you have downloaded in step 1) to import it in Tally

Here’s the XML code to create VAT class for “Output VAT @ 14%” for Karnataka State.

 <IMPORTDUPS>Modify with New Data</IMPORTDUPS>
 <NAME.LIST TYPE="String">
 <NAME>Output VAT @ 14%</NAME>
 <NAME>Sales @ 14%</NAME>
 <!-- Add your State here-->


Remarks :-
1) You can use “Gateway of Tally >> Display >> List of Accounts >> Alt + E” to export All Statutory Masters in XML format. This gives you the XML format supported by Tally. Modify it and you can create Statutory Masters as required.