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Batch Processing 

UDIMagic v3.0 Release 1.67 supports "Batch Processing". In simple words, it allows you to "Import of data from multiple Excel sheets" in one-go.

Using the "Batch processing" feature is quite easy. The steps (with screen-snapshots) are given below :- 

Start UDI-Magic and click on the NEXT button.

Excel to TALLY

Select the option "Excel to Tally" and click on the NEXT button.

Excel to TALLY

Select the option "Multiple Excel Sheets" and click on the NEXT button.

Excel to TALLY

Click on the NEXT button.

Excel to TALLY

a) The default file-name "Batch-process.xml" appears automatically. 
b) The "Batch-process.xml" file contains a list of Excel-files from which data is to be imported into Tally.
c) You can view or edit the "Batch-process.xml" file by clicking on the "View/Edit" button. Alternatively, you may use any Text-Editor (say Notepad.exe) to view / edit  the "Batch-process.xml" file.
d) A sample entry from the "batch-process.xml" file is given below for your reference.


<!-- TO DO : Specify the data-type here MASTERS or VOUCHER-->

<!-- TO DO : Specify the Excel file name here -->
<EXCELFILE>Master - GroupMaster.xls</EXCELFILE>

<!-- TO DO : Specify the XML tags file name here [Optional] -->


Click on the START button to start the process of Importing data into Tally.

Excel to TALLY

a) You may enable the Auto-Run feature (a tick sign means enabled). The Auto-Run feature would be effective from the next-time. (i.e. when you run UDI-Magic next-time).
b) The Auto-Run feature automatically processes (imports) data into Tally, thus saving your time and Clicks.

Batch Processing
The Batch-processing feature allows import of data from multiple Excel sheets into Tally Software in one-go.

Auto Run
The Auto-Run feature allows import of data into Tally without any user-intervention. The auto-run status report is generated in autorun.txt file.

Scheduling UDIMagic to run a specific time
With the Auto-Run and Batch-Processing features, you can automate your tasks. In simple words, you can schedule UDIMagic in such a way that it automatically runs at a specified time (daily or weekly...) and imports data from one or more Excel (CSV) sheets into Tally.  For more information, refer "Using Windows Scheduler to run UDI-Magic at specified timings"

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