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Branch to Head Office

UDIMagic v3.0 Release 1.56 comes with a new feature "Branch to Head Office". This module allows you to transfer Tally Accounting data from your Branch Office to Head Office without using the Tally Synchronization feature.

UDIMagic "Branch to HO" module is an alternative to Tally Synchronization feature. The primary objective herein is one-way transfer of data. i.e. from Branch Office to H.O.

Tally Synchronization vs UDIMagic [Branch to H.O]

What is Tally Synchronization ? 

  • It allows Synchronization of data between Branch Office and H.O.
  • The Synchronization-Rules are to be defined in Tally Software at both the Branch Office and Head Office
  • Raw Data is transmitted over internet; rather than in form of a file.

What is UDIMagic [Branch to H.O] feature ? 
  • It allows transfer of Tally data from Branch Office to H.O.
  • At Branch Office, the Tally data is exported into a file. This file is then sent to H.O by email. 
  • Next, at H.O the data in imported into the Tally Software.

Why use the UDIMagic Branch to H.O module ?

Why do we need a new module, when the data-synchronization feature is already there in Tally Software ?  This was our first query when some Tally Partners/TASC approached us with this requirement. Now let's see what was their response...

  • In Tally synchronization, raw data is transferred over the internet [rather than in file-format]. In case, if there is Internet failure, this may result in data corruption/other problems.
  • Defining Tally Synchronization Rules is a bit difficult.
  • Need a simple solution which
    a) Allows Export of Branch-office data into a file.
    b) Allows Import of the data at the Head-office.

Using UDIMagic [Branch to H.O] module

- Download and Install the UDIMagic Branch-Office-Tool [Free-ware].
- Run the UDIMagic [Branch-Office] Utility and export the branch-office data into a file.

1) You must make changes in your Tally.ini file as shown below:-

;;For Tally 9
TDL= C:\UDIMagicBranchOfficeTool\udimagic9.tcp
;;For Tally 7.2
;;TDL= C:\UDIMagicBranchOfficeTool\udimagic72.tcp

2) This utility allows you to export Branch Office data into a file. It is to be installed in all your Branch Offices.
3) This tool is required as exporting data directly from Tally will just export only the Vouchers, but not the masters.

- Next, send the file (which contains Branch Office data) to H.O [by email].

- Download and Install the UDIMagic [Demo version].
- Run UDIMagic Software to Import the data into the H.O Tally Software.

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