udiMagic Unique Features

Would you like to know more about the unique features of udiMagic Software ? Here are some features that make udiMagic stand apart :-

Under the hood


See what's happening behind the scences while data is being imported into Tally.

Travel License

USB Flash drive

Carry udiMagic Software in a USB Flash drive and use it on any Computer or with any Tally.

Simple yet powerful

UNDO Anytime

Allows you to UNDO entries anytime, even after a week, a month, a year or more.

udiMagic supports import of data from a single Excel sheet into multiple companies in Tally. This feature is available in select excel templates only.


Allows import of data in English; Arabic or any other language (unicode data) into Tally.

Improved performance

In Memory Computing

Supports In-memory computing that appx takes 97% lesser time than the flagship udiMagic v3.0.


Variety of templates

Excel templates for all voucher types.

Include Sales/Receipts with multiple references suitable for E-commerce.

udiMagic is now available on subscription / rental basis also.


Create Custom templates

Use this feature to map your Excel sheet to one of the udiMagic templates.

Global Help list

Work in Excel

While working in Excel or Word, you can get the 'Ledger-list' or 'StockItem' list from Tally by merely pressing the tilde character i.e. ~ character.


ONE click Import

Enable the "Auto-run" feature and next-time you can import data with ONE-click.

Batch processing

Again, a ONE-Click can import data from tens or hundreds of Excel sheets into Tally.