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SQL-SELECT Statements

RTSlink DLL v1.8 (or higher) comes with a new function SQLRequest() that allows you to use SQL-SELECT statement to fetch data from Tally Software.  Let us try to understand what it really means.

SQL-SELECT reduces your code

Instead of lengthly XML tags, you can now write concise SQL statements like:-

SQL SELECT Statement Remarks
Select $Name, $Closingbalance from Ledger Retrieves Name and Closing balance from Ledger Master
Select $Name from Company Retrieves the Name of the Current / Open Company
Select * from Ledger Retrieves all the fields of Ledger Master
Select $Name from Ledger where name contains "Sales" Retrieves all Ledger records which contain "Sales" in the Name field 
Select $Name, $Parent, $Baseunits, $ClosingBalance, $ClosingValue from StockItem Retrieves data from StockItem Master

Reduces the processing time

When you use XML tags to fetch Ledger Master, the result-set contains all the fields of the Ledger table. By using SQL SELECT statement, you can fetch information that you require. You can  also specify any valid condition to filter out records.

Select $Name, $Closingbalance from Ledger where $$IsDr:$ClosingBalance

- $$IsDr is a pre-defined function in Tally Software
- The above SQL statement returns all records from Ledger master which have Debit ClosingBalance

Filtering Data

You can now use any valid condition to retieve the desired information. The following code retieves all Ledgers falling under head 'Sundry Debtors'

Select $Name, $ClosingBalance from Ledger where $$IsChildOf:$$GroupSundryDebtors

Calling User-defined procedures

You can also use SQLRequest() to invoke user-defined procedures. Two files RTSv72.tcp (for Tally 7.2) and RTSv90.tcp (for Tally 9) are provided with licensed version of RTSlink dll for using the same.

Call _RTSLedgerVouchers(<ExpC>)

Call _RTSLedgerVouchers("Cash")

The above statement will fetch all records for the "Cash" Ledger.

C Declaration for SQLRequest() function

Function            :  SQLRequest()
C Declaration    :  int __stdcall SQLRequest(LPSTR);
Return Value     : Returns 0 on success, otherwise error-code 

For more information, refer " Using SQL SELECT in Visual Basic"

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