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Get Going with GST using Tally ERP and udi-Magic v8.0
Step 1: Update GSTIN and State in Party Ledgers
Step 2: Update GST TaxRates and HSN/SAC Code in Stockitems
Step 3: Import Sales and Purchase with GST

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What is Excel to Tally Converter?

By: Shweta Softwares Updated on : 2017-07-09

An Excel to Tally Converter aka Tally Data Migration tool is a software utility that converts your Excel data into a Tally compatible format, generally XML; and imports it into Tally ERP.

Most of these tools come with some predefined Excel templates. You have to simply put your data in those Excel templates and upload it into Tally. A list of such tools developed by 3rd parties developers or Tally Integrators is available here. In addition, there are some TDL [Tally add-on] modules available at Tally shop.

If you wish to know more about Tally XML format, this video get's you going.

udi-Magic v8.0 | Excel to Tally ERP 9
udi-Magic | Excel to Tally Converter

Why udi-Magic ?

  1. Wide range of Standard Excel templates available in the Standard package including Sales Order, Purchase Order, Delivery Note, Receipt Note, Stock Journal in addition to the commonly used vch-types viz Sales, Purchase, Receipt, Payment, Contra, D-Note, C-Note.
  2. Easy licensing - Activate and carry udi-Magic on a USB Flash drive and use it on any Computer. Watch this video on activating udi-Magic license with Flash drive.
  3. UNDO entries - Allows you to UNDO entries anytime, even after a week, month/year or more.
  4. Unicode - Allows import of data in English, Hindi, Arabic or any other language (unicode data) into Tally.
  5. Debug - See what's happening behind the scences while data is being imported into Tally.
  6. Helping people import Excel data into Tally for over a decade.

Learn more about the unique features of udi-Magic.

First visit ? Start here

If you are new to udi-Magic, this is the right place to start. Simply follow the underneath steps to upload data into Tally from Excel templates.

1. Install udi-Magic

Installing udi-Magic is quite easy and simple. Let's get started.

  1. Download the latest version of udi-Magic
  2. Run the setup to install

Upon successfull installation, you shall get udi-Magic shortcut on the desktop.

2. Create A Company

To import data into Tally, you will need a Company. Let's create one.

  1. Open Tally ERP software
  2. Select option : Create Company
  3. Enter the CompanyName as 'UDIMagic DEMO'
  4. Enter the other Company details as required
  5. Press Ctrl+A to save Company
  6. Next, minimize the Tally application

3. Import Excel data Into Tally

Now, that we have installed udi-Magic and created a Company in Tally, let's begin.

  1. On your Computer, open udi-Magic application
  2. Select option : Excel to Tally
  3. Select option : Import data into Tally
  4. Select Excel File : << Std. template >>
    (i.e. Any template provided with udi-Magic Software)
  5. Click the Start button to import data into Tally
To view the data imported in Tally, use option Gateway of Tally >> Display >> Daybook

1. Ensure that you start Tally.ERP and open a Company before starting udi-Magic.
2. To upload / import data into Tally, use the Standard Excel templates provided in c:\udi-MagicDemo folder.
3. For information on fields/columns, refer the notes given in each template.

What next ?

Having more questions. Have a look at the FAQs and How To's.

Do you know that you can carry udi-Magic on USB Flash drive? Learn more.