IMPORT Sales, Purchases, Receipts, Payments etc. from Excel into Tally ERP 9

Unique Features

Excel to Tally

  • Compatible with Tally ERP 9 Release 5.1
  • Powerful error tracking with Undo anytime
  • Easy Licensing
  • 30+ Standard templates

Want to see how it works ?

Set Up udi-Magic

Installing udi-Magic is quite easy and simple. Let's get started.

#1. Download the latest version of udi-Magic
#2. Run the setup to install

Upon successfull installation, you shall get udi-Magic shortcut on the desktop.

Create A Company

To import data into Tally, you will need a Company. Let's create one.

#1. Open Tally ERP software
#2. Select option : Create Company
#3. Enter the Company Name as 'UDIMagic DEMO'
#4. Enter the other Company details as required
#5. Press Ctrl+A to save Company
#6. Next, minimize the Tally application
For DEMO, it is advised that you import data into a NEW Company in Tally.

Import data Into Tally

Now, that we have installed udi-Magic and created a Company in Tally, let's begin.

#1. On your Computer, open udi-Magic application
#2. Select option : Excel to Tally
#3. Select option : Browse our Standard templates
#4. Select Excel File : Any XLS from c:\udi-magic
#5. Click the Start button to import data into Tally

To view the data imported in Tally, use option Gateway of Tally >> Display >> Daybook
> Ensure that you start Tally.ERP and open a Company before starting udi-Magic
> To get support, click on the Teamviewer button in the udi-Magic main screen