• SOFTWARE terms and conditions
    • Software charges are non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Software shall be delivered electronically only.
    • Serial Number / Key is provided within 24 hrs of credit of Software charges in our Account.
    • For Software licensing details, please refer the Licensing FAQs
    • Operating Support (using ticket system) and Software Upgrades for a period of 365 days only.
    • To avail any help / assistance or support after 365 days, Customers need to go for AMC.
    • The AMC charges shall be appx 30% of the Software charges prevailing at the time of entering into AMC or Rs 5000 + GST whichever is higher.
    • Support Services are provided online only (i.e. ticket system ). If required, we may request access of your system using Teamviewer.

  • SUPPORT terms and conditions
    • To get help / assistance or support, you must use the Support Desk (Ticket system) as given underneath :

      Within the 365 days FREE Support period (or AMC period).

      After the 365 days (if AMC is not renewed).

      • Only ZIP files can be attached in the Support Desk / ticket system.
      • Support Issues must NOT be sent to our email ids (as done earlier) as the emails shall not be monitored for support-related issues from now onwards.
      • Support Issues shall NOT be entertained on telephone.
      • It is mandatory to mention your udiMagic Serial No in the Support ticket.
      • In case, if the 365 days Free Support period has expired, you must make payment for the Support Charges as applicable. The Support Charges do NOT include any Customization i.e. support for any XML tags modification / Mapping of Custom formats.
      • The normal response time is 24 hrs to 48 hrs.

  • AMC terms and conditions
    • AMC (Annual Maintainance Contract) is optional. However, it is strongly recommended that Customers should go for AMC after the initial 365 days (i.e. free support period) to avail un-interrupted support services and code maintenance.
    • You must send/email a signed copy of the AMC-terms and conditions to Shweta Sofwares along with AMC order/payment. The same can be downloaded from here.
    • AMC includes the following :-
      • Operating Support (ticket system) for 1 year.
      • Shweta Softwares may request remote access of your system using teamviewer (if required).
      • Software upgrades (minor releases) for 1 year.
    • AMC does NOT include the following :-
      • Any modifications in Standard formats or Customized formats.
      • Software upgrades (major version). Ex: upgradation from major version v3.0 to v4.0 is not included. Refer to the AMC pdf for details.
      • Telephonic Support.

  • SOFTWARE UPGRADATION terms and conditions
    • Includes upgradation to the latest (major) version of the Software available as on date.
    • Does not include any support or modification in XML/Mapping.

  • ONE-TIME SUPPORT terms and conditions
    • One-time Support is an alternative to AMC wherein help / assistance or support can be availed on chargeable basis.
    • Support shall be provided within 1 business working day after payment is made.
    • Valid for 48 hrs thereafter (if problems re-occurs).
    • Does not include any XML modification/Mapping or support for the same.

  • USB FLASH DRIVE RESET terms and conditions
    • You must fill and provide this mandatory FORM.
    • Reset of USB Flash drive is allowed in case if is it lost, misplaced or damaged.
    • Software can be used with only ONE USB Flash drive.

  • XML TAGS / MAPPING terms and conditions
    • XML TAGS / MAPPING for Custom formats shall be provided on chargeable basis. The charges may vary from one requirement to another.
    • Once the XML TAGS / MAPPING is provided, thereafter if any changes are required or if any errors occur, the same must be reported within 30 days.
    • No request for changes or errors rectification shall be entertained after 30 days.
    • Changes/error rectification shall be done/provided for maximum two times within 30 days period (in totality and not per format).
    • The normal time-period for providing XML tags / Mapping for Customized format is 5 to 7 days per format.

  • Other terms and conditions
    • Modifications (if required), in any of the existing Standard Excel sheets / templates given at our site, shall be done on chargeable basis.
    • For Urgent i.e. priority requirement of XML tags, the charges shall be 1.5 times of the normal charges.
    • Normal support time for providing Transformation Rules shall be 4 to 7 days per Rule.
    • In case of large data-size uploads, support shall be restricted to maximum of two times test-uploading of 10000 rows of data and the data inconsistencies if any shall be intimated to the Client. It shall be the Client's responsibility to ensure that the data is consistent.

Last updated on : 2017-01-01